Phoenix rough-smooth complete set




For the “foolproof” and high-quality preparation of Rau-Glatt card games.

Produce your own Invisible Decks, Brainwave Decks and much more with this worldwide unique set of innovative tools for Rau-Glatt preparation developed by CardShark!

The complete set contains:

  • Specially developed Phoenix Rough-Smooth Spray, 400 ml spray can

Phoenix Rough Smooth Spray is a fast-drying and light-resistant special coating for playing cards. Thanks to the worldwide unique mixture specially produced for Card-Shark, the prepared playing cards retain their silky sheen without any telltale matt look. Unprecedented quality, incomparable to DIY store paints! It is also very economical to use.

  • Innovative Phoenix spray grid for the preparation of complete games, available for poker and parlour decks.

Poker version: 6 sheets of spray grid, 3 sheets of card covers
Parlour version: 9 sheets of spray grid

This spray grid enables the space-saving and efficient rough-smooth preparation of up to 54 cards in poker size (e.g. Phoenix or Bicycle) or 54 cards in parlour size (Phoenix Parlour Decks). No more playing cards flying away or sticking together due to the spraying process. The Rau-Glatt spray is used very efficiently due to its close positioning.

Special card covers for half-sided preparation (only in the poker version)

With these covers, you can create half-sided prepared rough-smooth cards, whereby the innovative design enables a smooth spray transition.

ATTENTION: As the spray can only be shipped within the EU, we only offer the spray grid without the Rau-Glatt spray. Then use a locally available rough-smooth spray.

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Complete set with rough-smooth spray


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