Science Friction – Volume 2 DVD


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Available now: Science Friction Vol. 2 DVD!

Get more effects for your Science Friction Spray!

8 new routines and great ideas by Alexander Kölle and friends.

Special appearance by:
Patrick Lehnen and
Christian „Card-Shark“ Schenk

Science Friction is, without a doubt, the most revolutionary invention since roughing fluid! It has THOUSANDS of fans around the world. If you still don’t own Science Friction, get yours NOW!

Science Friction is not Roughing Spray; it’s not Sticky Stuff. It is far more!!
Science Friction helps amateur and professional magicians achieve stronger card effects! It makes for effortless slights that will Fry Your Mind!

Alexander Kölle, Patrick Lehnen and Card-Shark will teach you new, killer effects utilizing this revolutionary nano fluid for playing cards.

Want to get YOUR phone number on the spectator’s signed card? This will be your most commercial routine.

Signatory Piece
A spectator’s signature is visually erased from a playing card, then the printing of the card itself. As a climax the whole deck turns blank.

McFriction Aces
The cleanest ever version of McDonald’s Aces. Seemingly no Sleights are used. It looks like trick photography.

This is a totally baffling packet trick using four Aces. Don’t miss it!

The Color Monte on steroids. The World’s most popular packet trick gets an additional phase and a bigger finale.

A completely „hands-off“ routine, where the spectator handles the deck and selects the mate of your prediction card.

Hollywood Deck
You love movies? Let a couple find out that they are mentally bonded – based on their favorite actor. – by Giovanni Cricchio

SF Invisible Deck
Card-Shark teaches you how to prepare your own Invisible Deck with Science Friction. Worth the price of this DVD alone!

Bonus: Automa Deck
For the first time ever Patrick Lehnen explains how he used Science Friction in his Award Winning FISM act.

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