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Welcome to the best and cleanest version of the paper-to-money plot.

Miguel Pizarro from Spain, one of the best producers of handmade magic tricks, so far unknown, is proud to present you one of his versatile and professional creations.

“Paper to Money” Plot is one of the audience’s favourite effects, it’s the magic of wanting to turn a simple piece of paper into real money! what more do you need to prove “real magic”?

Since Patrick Page’s Paper to Money, there have been many versions of the effect. What they all had in common was that the transformation happened when the papers/bills were folded together and then unfolded again. This version is completely different and is also suitable for stage. The transformation happens out of the blue, without folding the snippets/bills.

This is the perfect version for beginners, amateurs and professional magicians, very easy to perform and very visual. It is perfect for close-up and parlour situation and is instantly reset!

Everything about this product is very well made and very well thought out, all the gimmicks are top quality and ready to use.

You get everything ready to go and a lot of tricks from great magicians from Spain, including Pipo Villanueva, Alberto de Figueiredo, Alberto Ruano, Fernando Figueras, David Redondo and many more.

This version turns printed paper scraps into 20 euro banknotes! These are included (but of course it is stage money, you can replace / supplement it with real 20 euro notes).

Note: You will receive all gimmicks ready to perform as well as a link to an English-language explanation of the tricks.

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