Phoenix Rough & Smooth DIY Pro-Set




For the “foolproof” and professional preparation of Rough and Smooth Deck.

With this worldwide unique set of innovative, by Card-Shark developed utilities for the rough and smooth preparation of playing cards you can easily produce your own Invisible Decks, Brainwave Decks and many more in an unseen quality. Now YOU can even do it better than the pros!


Specially developed Rough & Smooth Spray for approx. 15 decks

The Phoenix Rough & Smooth Spray is a fast drying and non-yellowing special coating for playing cards. Due to the new formula the treated cards will get rough but – if applied correctly – will not lose their glossy look.  A never seen quality, not to be compared with finishes of a hardware store! Very efficient and long lasting.

Innovative Phoenix Spray-Grid for easy preparations of complete decks, available for Poker size or Parlour size Decks

Poker version: 6 sheets Spray Grid, 3 sheets Card-Covers
Parlour version: 9 sheets Spray Grid

This Spray-Grid allows the space-saving and efficient rough and smooth preparation of up to 54 poker size cards (e.g. Phoenix or Bicycle) or 54 Parlour size cards (Phoenix Parlour Decks). Never again cards flying around during spraying, sticking together or other unexpected mess. Due to the tight positioning the roughing fluid is applied very efficiently.

Special Card-Covers for half-sprayed playing cards – only available with the Poker version; with these covers you can easily prepare half-sprayed playing cards for surprising and new effects. The special construction of the covers allows soft blends instead of sharp obvious edges.

Unfortunately we cannot ship the Rough & Smooth Spray outside of Europe due to security reasons. But you can get our Phoenix Spray-Grid together with the Card Covers and use it with your favourite Rough and Smooth Spray that is available in your country instead.

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Parlour Format, Poker Format


Complete Set incl. Rough & Smooth Spray, Spray Grid without Rough & Smooth Spray


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