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If you didn’t know these decks were short, you wouldn’t know they were short!

These Casino Quality Phoenix Decks – produced at the US Playing Card Company – are cut one millimeter shorter than a standard Poker Size Deck. And to make this even more devious, we altered the art work to eliminate the tell-tale narrow border.

These decks have a multitude of uses; in fact a chapter in The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has been designated to The Short Card. Insert a regular Poker Size card into a short deck and you immediately have a deck with a long key card or place a short card in a regular deck and you have a short key card. If you combine a Short Deck with a Regular Phoenix Poker Deck, you now have two Mene-Tekel Decks that are "Long and Short". These are the same cards that we use to produce our "Casino Quality" Phoenix Svengali Decks.

Available in Red Phoenix Back only, comes in regular card case

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