A Magical Kiss


Parlour Format
Poker – Classic Index
Poker – Phoenix Index



Be as generous as you can.

The magician starts talking about gifts and cards, perhaps in the contexts of birthdays or even Valentine’s Day. He promises to give a present to the female spectator using a very special deck of cards, containing various gift ideas.

Taking out a deck he shows that he has written the names of all kinds of presents, such as a silver pendant, a holiday, a gold watch, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates (and other such goodies) onto the backs of a well shuffled deck.

The deal: whatever card she names, he promises to give her whatever present or gift is written on the back of her chosen card. He adds, with a smile, that if she is not happy with the present, she can instead give that present to the magician.

Her chosen card is taken out of the deck face up and amidst much excitement, slowly turned over to reveal the words “A Magical Kiss”.

You have full control over the gift to be received.

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Parlour Format, Poker – Classic Index, Poker – Phoenix Index


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