One Way Trip – by Steven Youell




Steven Youell has been performing and teaching Sleight of Hand for over 40 years.
Being a well known member of magic’s “Inner Circle”, his publications are respected and revered among magicians. He has also performed and lectured across the United States and Canada.

One Way Trip includes a detailed look at The Phoenix Deck and the unique one way features. They allow you to perform absolute miracles with little or no Sleight of Hand.

Get the most out of your Phoenix Decks and even fool magicians who know about the one way design!!!

DVD with 142 min playing time.


Back Features & Back Feature Drills
Training to speed up the oneway detection

Face Features & Face Feature Drills
Training to speed up the oneway detection

3 deceptive methods how to reverse a deck or a single card

How to handle the deck and the spectators to keep the deck in oneway orientation

Don’t Blink

Psychic Test, where the magician deals single cards onto the table. The spectator will let the magician mentally stop at his selected card.

Drunk Uncle Poker
Play a round of Poker and cheat in the most sloppy (and entertaining) way

Insignificant Others
From a selection of five cards the magician will find the spectator’s selection by asking seemingly totally nonsense questions

Shine On
(False) Demonstration of Cheating Skills by using a shiner

No Way Out
This is the trick that fools magicians knowing the oneway principle: two spectator’s selections are found by dealing two piles out

Copy Right
With a second deck in use, the spectator copies all the magician’s handlings, in the end a freely selected card turns out to be the same choice of both.

Going Mental
A clever hands-off routine with three spectators, where two spectators select a card and the third spectator handles the deck.

Ideas & Tips
Additional ideas and Tips to get your creative juices flowing.

“Steven Youell is an exceptional Sleight of Hand expert and even more exceptional in his ability to teach what he knows to others.”
Darwin Ortiz

“The level of attention to detail that Steven Youell brings to the study of card magic is simply astounding. I have been greatly inspired by Steven’s thinking and thought process. His expertise at engineering and explaining sleights is only exceeded by his ability to find phenomenal presentations.”
Michael Vincent

“Steve is simply one of he best cardmen in the world. He’s able to seamlessly mesh finely honed sleight of hand with razor-sharp presentational skills in a way that allow him to both entertain and devastate an audience at the same time – and that’s what the ‘Real Work’ is all about.”
Paul Chosse

“Steven Youell is a rare combination. As a performer he can do the ‘Real Work’, expressing the chops of an expert. He also knows which parts of the ‘Real Work’ are ‘real’ and which parts are ‘work’. Furthermore, he is exceptionally adept at teaching how magic should be made entertainingly powerful.”
Jon Racherbaumer

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