Pure Telepathy – Boris Wild




Imagine being able to retrieve a card chosen by the spectator without looking at the cards or even asking a question…. A card that the spectator freely chooses and shuffles into a detached part of the deck while your back is turned.

Imagine being able to retrieve this now imagined card in a way that truly seems like mind reading…

Imagine you could turn this effect into a powerful and emotional feat…

Imagine that this effect is playfully easy to perform, because the playing cards provide you with all the necessary information…


This effect is reality…. This is Pure Telepathy.

FISM winner Boris Wild has created another gem in card magic. This is one of his favorite tricks, which he performed in the famous French TV show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”


While Boris used a memorized deck to perform this fantastic effect, this release takes his famous Pure Telepathy routine to a completely different level. Very easy to demonstrate. No memorizing or calculating required. The included red Phoenix deck does all the work for you! Perfect for parlor magic, the Phoenix Index picture page noticeably increases visibility for the audience!


The 90 minute DVD includes full explanation of the entire routine including several variations (in English and French). As an exclusive bonus, Boris teaches you a Pure Telepathy variation with 5 spectators on stage, each thinking of their own card!

In addition, a net bag is included for salon and stand-up situations.


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