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Miracles is one of our pet sequences. A wonderful routine, which seems very easy to implement but has an extraordinary deep impact. Due to its versatility, the sequence can also be seen as a guide in creating and developing the abilities of mentalism.

As we do quite often, we started this piece’s development by asking ourselves “what if…”

  • we could reveal more than irrelevant and pointless information that we read in our participants’ minds? More than just a playing card or a random drawing for example. How about one of their most personal thoughts?
  • not only one participant was dealt with; instead we would start the course of events involving the whole audience. What a major effect could this possibly have?
  • writing down the thoughts we get while trying to spot what’s on the participant’s mind would not be experienced suspiciously, but rather as a part that makes perfect sense at the end or even during the interaction?
    In practice, these three requirements should be connected to each other. The attendee’s personal thought will be written down or drawn by a member of the audience.

Either way – the Miracles routine is something very special for us. And we are very sure, that the ideas and the concept we are going to share are at least inspiring for you!

The Miracles routine comes as a PDF file in English language.


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