Sherpa Pen – Aluminum Natural Silver


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With its sleek and minimalist design, the Sherpa Pen Aluminum Natural Silver takes elegance to the next level.

The perfect waterproof pen in the style of a high quality fountain pen.

This is a revolutionary concept of a high quality pen case, inside hides a black waterproof Sharpie pen used by magicians worldwide to sign playing cards. This can of course be replaced with other colored pens. The best way to see how the Sherpa pen works is to click on the online video.

This Sherpa pen not only looks like a high quality fountain pen, it also has a comfortable writing experience by tripling the weight of the Sharpie pen with its high quality metal body. All the while, the Sharpie pen costs a fraction of its fountain pen sibling.

Replace the pen with a Silver Metallic Sharpie pen, which is great for writing on dark backgrounds.

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