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Not Your Father‘s Invisible Deck!

This very special deck has been treated with Science Friction, the revolutionary nano fluid for playing cards. It does everything that Roughing Fluid can do… and everything it cannot.

If you have ever owned an Invisible Deck, you know the problems of the treatment: it is eather too strong or too light, and also wears off. When the cards are too heavily treated, the cards stay perfectly aligned but you struggle separating the named card. On the other hand, if the treatment is not strong enough, you struggle keeping the cards together to avoid any flashing.

With our special treatment and the use of Science Friction, this is an experience from the past. Cards perfectly stay aligned, and whenever you want to open a pair it feels as if you would turn on a switch to unlock the cards. You have to handle the deck to understand how good these decks are.

Here a short description for all the guys who have never heard of an Invisible Deck:

You remove an “Invisible Deck” of cards from your pocket.

Have a spectator shuffle the deck, then cut it. Now, have him “remove” one card from the deck and “”show”” it to everyone….keep in mind the deck isn’t really there!

Tell the spectator to turn his card face down and replace it in the pack. Now, you bring out a “visible pack.” Have the spectator name his card – the one he selected from the “Invisible Deck”. Run through the visible cards until you find one face down card. And, sure enough, it is the card selected by the spectator!

No forces-no sleights.

Available with red and blue backs, with regular faces but also – what we recommend – the large index faces!

comes in regular card case

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